Sheet Metal Tapping Screws ( Type A, AB, B )
Type A point: A thread forming screw for use in thin metal .015 to .050 thick.
Used with drilled, punched or nested holes in sheet metal, resin impregnated
plywood, asbestos combinations, among others.
Type AB point: A thread forming screw combining locating point of Type A
with thread size and pitch of Type B. Normal limitations of type B apply.
Type B point: A thread forming screw for use in heavier metal .050 to .200
thick. Larger root diameter with finer thread pitch for light and heavy sheet
metal non-ferrous castings, plastics, impregnated plywoods, asbestos
combinations, and other materials.
    Thread Cutting Screws ( Type 1, 17, 23, 25, F )
Type 1 point: A thread cutting screw with single flute for general use.
Produces a fine standard machine screw thread for field replacement.
Type 17 point: A thread cutting screw for wood with a coarse tapping screw
thread and a special long sharp point fluted to capture chips.
Type 23 point: A thread cutting screw in the fine thread series offering
maximum thread cutting area and excellent chip clearing, with minimum
tightening torques.
Type 25 point: A thread cutting screw similar to type 23 point except with
coarse Type B thread. For plastics and other soft materials with large chip
clearing and cutting edges.
Type F point: A thread cutting screw with machine screw thread with blunt
tapered point, having multi-cutting edges and chip cavities. For heavy gauge
sheet metal, aluminum, zinc and lead die castings, cast iron, brass and plastic.
    Thread Forming Screws ( Type C, CA, Trilobular, Hi-Lo )
Type C point: A thread forming screw with either coarse or fine pitch machine
screw threads and a blunt tapered point. Eliminates chips and permits
replacement with standard screw in the field. Higher driving torque required.
Usable in heavy sheet metal and die castings.
Type CA point: A thread forming screw with either coarse or fine pitch
machine screw thread. Same as Type C except with a Gimlet point. The
locating point works better than Type C where holes between two adjoining
pieces of sheet metal may be somewhat misaligned.
The unique trilobular shape of this thread forming screw roll forms a mating
thread in an un threaded pilot hole. The chip-free installation forms
work-hardened mating threads to provide a strong joint or assembly. By
elastic recovery, the material fills in around the triangular lobes to provide
maximum engagement.
Type Hi-Lo Point: A Hi-Lo is a dual lead thread forming screw for use in
plastic, nylon, wood, or other low density materials. The thread design
reduces driving torque, improves drive to strip out torque and lessons the risk
of cracking the application.
Screw Point Types: Sheet Metal Tapping Screws, Thread Cutting Screws, Thread Forming Screws
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